‏AL Marami - H95, 2022

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AL Marami 2022 (About memories that are held in inanimate objects) With a vivid example, Rashid Al-Subaie reflects that inanimate objects hold memories and tangible emotions. The “Marami” ring in his mother’s fingers is his memory and nostalgia of his late father and because he did not get the chance to visually document memories with his father, he sees him through the ring which his mother still hold between her hands. The Marami is a traditional ring worn by women. It usually consists of two or three rings of the same shape and made of gold or silver.

Category: Photography
Length: 4 Cm
Height: 95 Cm
Width: 75 Cm
Material: Paper, Glass, Wood
Framed: Yes
Edition: 3 / 9
Country: Saudi Arabia
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Rashed AlSubaieSaudi Arabia
Rashed AlSubaie

Rashed Al Subaie is a photographer who documents everyday life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using his unique visual language and modern style. He was born in Riyadh in 1987. The projects of Al Subaie begin with questions, signaling the beginning of the journey of exploring worlds and closed doors through the lens.