Saddek Wasil

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Saddek Wasil b. 1973 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia Lives and works in Jeddah, KSA Saddek Wasil is a sculptor who graduated with a Masters degree in Agricultural Sciences from King Abdul Aziz University. He is a member of a number of art societies, namely The Contemporary Artist’s Home, The Association of Culture and The Arts, The Saudi Society of Fine Arts and The Global Foundation for The Arts in the United States of America. He currently holds the position of Director of the Arts and Culture Department in Mecca. He has exhibited extensively nationally and has participated in a number of international events and art fairs; Edge of Arabia, Istanbul (2010); OFID, Vienna (2011), Shanghai Expo at the Duolon Museum of Modern Art (2010); Art Dubai (2009, 2010, 2011); MENASA Art Fair, Beirut (2011); Marrakech Art Fair (2011) and the International Art Biennale in Dakar, Senegal ( 2008, 2009). In 2012, he launched is first solo exhibition at Athr Gallery ‘And They Will Not Cease to Differ...’ and participated in ‘Made in Makkah’, a group show of artists from Mecca at Artspace London. Recently, Saddek participated in Moallaqat as part of 21,39 Jeddah Arts. Saddek will deliver a solo exhibition at ArtSpace, Dubai in February 2014.